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Monday, March 30, 2009


It has been awhile and I was not going to get political in my world, but unfortunately politics seem to have surrounded me. I am proud to say I am a registered voter in this great country. I am also proud to say I did not Vote for the OBAMAs. Just look at this website to see what our current Democratic Congress and President are doing for us.

This shows our national debt. It must be nice to turn to the Secretary of Treasury..and say "Hey, PRINT MORE MONEY". I want to see what this wonderful stimulus package is doing for my ecomony. Has it brought down my grocery prices? NOOOOO. It has made my house less in value, my debt higher and my anger stir. We are truly in a government whom I see trying to buy our national newspapers-they say to help them..but I really feel it is to control them, just look at what he is doing to the auto industry. I imagine FORD is so very greatful they decided not to take the federal money. Very smart company.

Obama is a bit sensative to critics, but he better learn very quickly that Americans are free, and the minute they realize that freedom is being taken away they swarm. He is the first sitting president since Grover Cleveland to refuse to go to the Irongrid dinner-because he can not take a joke? He can not take someone teasing him...give me a break. I think he really thought that with President Bush out of office all these countries would jump and up and love on him, and he is quickly finding out that is not the case.

Thanks Obama for allowing in the illegals and giving them rights over me. Thank you for allowing them the best of healthcare has to offer, and I can barely afford my own for my family. Thank you Obama for creating a debt that even my great grandchildren will probably have to pay on.

We are not a democratic nation. We are quickly moving to a socialism type government, thanks to our fearless leader.

I plan on joining thousands of Americans on April 15, 2009, at the next generation of TEA PARTIES.