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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Creature is GONE

I do not believe it, my dreams and prayers have come true. The Creature officially resigned and has been escorted out of the builiding. She will not be back. I am thrilled. Finally peace and tranquility in our jobs. No more messes to clean up and no more covering a complete moron. I knew there was greatness in this world. There has been a big relief in our department. There was a lot of celebrating in our area. That is kinda of sad if you ask me, as someone's demise brings joy to others. I know however, her behavior is what has been questioned. Not her person.

On the family front, Monkey continues to grow and talk..matter of box, I am thinking of changing his name on here to Chatter box. I swear the boy will not cease talking from the moment he gets up until finally collapses. My mom states I did not talk until I was well after two..LOL I guess my mom gets some revenge now...LOL

Not much else going one here, just going to get off of here and go light some fireworks and do some celebrating..hehehe

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Week has begun

Just some early pictures of Monkey from 2006-2007, man oh man how he has grown. And such a genius at an early age with the computer..LOL

My goodness, how time flies these days. My mom always told me that as I got older time would go faster, and dang it once again she was right. All I hope is that one day I have the same wisdom to pass on to the Munchkin. I can not believe another week has begun, which ultimately means my little Monkey is growing up. I keep telling him he is getting bigger, and he tells me "No, Mommy I stay a baby." Oh how I wish he would stay a baby on one hand, but the other I can not wait for him to grow and learn. To live life and most of all to enjoy the journey.

I am a firm believer that it the journey that makes life all the more worthwhile. Though the journey may be bumpy, long, and at time the end when we are all together again, it will be worth every tear, smile, joy, hurt, and love.

That was a hurt..LOL

It was just me today on the Medicare line, which is a pain in the tush let me tell you. Plus trying to clean up the Creatures cases has been an absolute nightmare in itself. We have all had to basically null and void everything the Creature did and start over. Tell me why in the earth would you have a nursing careplan on someone who is actively on Hospice and dying on a careplan to educate and address Advance Directives...uh hello..that is what hospice does before they accept you. Why on earth would you have someone on Ensure for weight gain-when they are actively dying? This is the silliness we have and are dealing with. Hopefully the Creature will stay gone. Oh how I pray for this.

Well better go and get the Munchkin something for dinner.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pretty Boring Day

On the positive note, we now have a working refrigerator, it sucks living out of coolers for a week. The Thermostat and Defrost timer went out again, I guess we have a real lemon on our hands. When our service warranty runs out, I guess I get a new frig..LOL

Mister works weekends, so Munchkin and I went shopping-which he loves by the way, after the repair man left. Munchkin got a new puzzle and some legos. Then we bought a bunch of stuff at Costco and Freddie Meyers. Did not do much, except put things away and do dishes. After it cooled down a bit this evening I went out and weeded the front flower beds a bit.

The weather is suppose to turn yucky for a couple of days, so we will just hang out tomorrow and I will do the does that not sound like a rip roaring fun time. Maybe I be kind and cook Mister dinner tomorrow night when he gets home. LOL

Friday, July 25, 2008

Whew, Friday is almost over

I think I was wrong, and I have probably been wrong my entire life about Fridays. I used to think Fridays were fun and relaxing...but I am having some major second thoughts. Frankly, it was crazy today. We had some silly bakesale, now don't get me wrong the cause was awesome-Susan B Koman fund, but when it takes away key people you work with and you end up doing additional work because they are tied up for a blasted bakesale, it makes for a long tough day. My specialist was only suppose to be gone an hour, she ended up something like 3 or more. It was crazy. I will never take advantage of her again. Thank you Compadre, you are the best.

Friday traffic home is usually horrible, so that delays us getting home. Most of the time it is a nice commute, even on bad days, but when you are tired and just want to get gets a bit rough.

We will get our refrigerator fixed tomorrow, it has been out all week-think the thermostat went bad..thank goodness for extended service warranty. It won't cost us a thing.

Good news on the home front, is Monkey was dry all day at daycare. Of course he never said he needed to go potty, they just took him and told him to go...he will now pee on command. LOL

I will put him on the potty and tell him "You need to pee, Monkey." He will look at me and "Okay Mommy-just a moment" He is priceless. The Mister made me dinner tonight so that grand of him. Even though work was crumpy today, life is good my friends. And because of day will always end the best note possible..LOVE.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Creature strikes again

Well the Creature decided to come in today for all of about 90 minutes. We were told she is taking Medical Leave again for two weeks..oh goodness. The weird thing is that this time she was escorted I have a feeling she is not coming back..Oh could Heavenly Father love me that much, that he has decided I have been tormented enough by the Creature, that He is taking pity on me and getting her out of my life? Could I? Well, I guess in two weeks I will know. For now, I will continue to pray for that.
Now, I realize I am probably being evil, but after two years of her is a relief to think that maybe the end is near. I just hope.
Now on to the home front, Munchkin is still playing the night owl..I am dying..LOL Mister trys to help, but Munchkin only wants mommy. Now that you think about it, I want my mommy..LOL
I am really excited to see my little nephew and mom in a couple of weeks. My nephew is 4, and we are taking them to the zoo and Little Red wants to see the we may do that, not sure on that one yet.
Have a lot of plans coming to go to the different fairs coming into town for me and my friend from to take our boys too, they are both 3. They are actually old enough to start to enjoy these kind of things now. :)
Good News, Munchkin was dry again this morning and used his little toilet. YAHOOOO!!!!!!!
Not much else going on...just will keep praying.
Can't wait, tomorrow is FRIDAY....:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Hump Day Over

Man oh man, am I always so glad to see Wednesday come and go. It means it is getting closer to the light of Friday. I have figured out I have a little night owl on my hands, the Munchkin has decided he is not able to go to sleep until nearly 11pm every night this week, which makes for a very short night for him-ok us-as we get up at 6am so he can get to daycare. I kid you not, he will toss and turn and toss and turn forever, play with his blanket, pillow, whatever else he can get his hands onto to fiddle with until he finally gives up and goes to sleep. I am so hoping tonight he will just let me go to sleep as I am exhausted.

Today at work went great, the Creature, decided to call in sick for whatever reason. We all have a pool going to see if she will be in the rest of the week, since she has never in the patterns ever called in during the middle of the week without including Thursday and Friday in the mix. Must be nice to have a 5-7 weekend every 1-2 weeks. We were thinking at work that she might have made a record of working actually 7 work days in a row..but we were unable to confirm this record, alas and give her some type of trophy.

I am really enjoying my role as a case manager, and now I am the senior case manager for our company. SO that means I get a lot more interuptions and questions, but I love it. It brings back my days of being a Director of Nursing and trying to spin all the plates.

I also love Wednesdays because it means I get my accupuncture treatment, which has been the best thing for my back. I actually have my life back again and I am not in pain every day due to the herniated disk and bone spur growing back there. Plus it is keeping the surgery out of the picture, as I really do not want to go down that road.
Well better go and get dinner finished and then hopefully Munchkin and I can go to bed early and just cuddle.

Hope everyone has a great evening.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proof my son is crazy...maybe he is smart..trying to catch a nap where ever he can..LOL

The Creature

For now that is what I will call her, until something comes to mind. The Creature is a person I work with. Have you ever had a person that just gets on your last nerve even her breathing makes you come unglued. Well, ladies, I am sad to say there is such a woman at my job. Now for those that don't know exactly what I do-I work for an insurance company as a complex case manager. She is also a case manager well when she is there she is suppose to be a case manager. Therein itself lies one of the big issues. This is a woman who from day of hire has managed to manipulate the attendance policy to her advantage including FMLA. Last year also she was "off on FMLA" for her 12 weeks, and then missed something like another 4 weeks throughout the basically worked 10 weeks last year. Now tell me how that is possible or fair. She would call in and tell everyone she is sick-but come in all dolled up-new hair do, manicure and pedicure carrying her stupid 4lb dog...oh give me a flipping break. She has now had every major organ disease known to man-enlarged heart, fatty liver, ulcer, bad shoulder, bad back, migraines, IBS.

We are waiting anxiously for the next illness, cause then I think I will give her the number for a local hospice-as obviously she is dying.

The bigger issue is she never does her work-everytime she misses we end up cleaning up her cases-then she would come back never say thank you and then proceed to take her nice cleaned up cases and screw them up all over again. Then get mad when we stopped giving them back.

But back to the real reason for this post, my wonderful supervisor, feels she needs to be up next to me so she can watched and monitored. Now I ask you what earth did I do to deserve such punishment. I can not even stand the woman breathing, and now I have to listen to her all day...oh I pray for a quick death. I think I am praying for mine at the moment...LOL

The Creature continues to live and breath right next to me..I think I feel some migraines coming on and maybe I will also take a Creature day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nurses and Friendships

I went to lunch with a dear friend today, and we were having this conversation about not liking ourselves and hiding. First, I want you all to know, I resisted the urge to slap her up side the head..and she was driving and had already tried to run us into a tree. So one, be proud. :)
Just basically told us she had hid from the world this weekend and did not want to "bother us" as we have families. I am piping up from the backseat...'HELLO>>>>>that is what a friend is for you big goof.', so we can bring each other back to the real world and let them know that they are a needed person in this world. Slap them a couple of times to make it real. LOL

Now, this has had me thinking most of the day. Nurses suck as friends. Now, we are great listeners, we are compassionate, and we love to care. Now my understanding of friendship is that this need goes both ways, and as nurses we struggle with that part of needing of other people. We are the classic caregivers, but we don't want to be cared for.

Now comes the brilliant thought for the day-and let me tell you it wore me out...I am the same darn way. When I am down, blue, not liking myself too much..I hide and do not call my friends for a way out. So now I am like great, I need to be hit up side the head also, but I know that would not be good. It has shown me I need to practice what I preach.

Now I made a promise to myself, I would not name names on here, but if that person reads this, and they know who they are...thank you my dear friend.

You are a joy for me to have in my life, and I promise to start bugging you more when I am down if you will do the same. I love ya girlfriend.

For the rest of my friends, I treasure each of you. You each are special-not mentally challenged (though I know that it is close second for some of you), you all enrich my life so much more and knowing that I am better person for knowing you.

Thank you all

Don't you just hate Mondays?

It is so hard to get my butt out of bed on Mondays, then to boot to drag my monkey's butt out of the bed too, just makes a charming start to the 5 day work week. The good thing this am is that monkey was dry and actually took a nap on the commode this am while he peed. So, I am all thrilled cause that really means we are starting to make headway on this whole potty training thing. Now we are both dressed and head down stairs, and I am bad, I sit him on the dining room table while I scurry around like a rat trying to make sure he has his juice, his Diego DVD for the car, blanky, backpack, and then my stuff..he decides that he is tired and proceeds to lay down on the table. By now I am now laughing my butt off because he is telling me he is going to stay with Mommy today while he is going to see Margaret-one of his beloved daycare teachers. Get out the door, and realize after he is loaded in the car, we forgot his DVD and I forgot my cell phone-which is most important since I seem to do most of my telephone talking commuting to work these days. we are only 10 minutes...I know that once I drop him off, I can probably speed (after all not safe with a little one in the car), and I might just make it too work before 0730.

Well, darn I was only 3 minutes late...if only not for that darn construction truck this am...

Worked my day..wishing so much to just be able to go to bed..and now 1630 rolls around and I can leave and start my crazy evening with the monkey....

He is so happy to see me...telling me we need to go shopping..
What can I say ladies...a man after my own heart. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008 goes nothing

So now that I have posted a little of my history, why am I doing this? One, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of blogging, and that maybe just maybe my little munchkin will know just how much joy he brings into my life. I have a wonderful life with my wonderful husband, known on here as Mister and my son known as Munchkin/Monster/Monkey, depending on what he has done. The other thing reason is to maybe sort out some of the craziness in my life having to be a full time working mom raising a toddler at 37 years old. I am a Registered Nurse and truly feel that Heavenly Father has placed this sacred calling on me and due to that feel that I can never truly be a stay at home mom. That said, I am also the main bread winner so I really have no choice. I have worked every gammitt of the nursing world and have paid my dues, I am now in a job that is 8 hours a day, M-F, no weekends, no on call and truly do not have to take it home with me. I still help people and that is the best part. My son is my world every other moment of the day. He is pretty much a mommy's boy, which I absolutely adore.

My son is almost 3, and he is such a joy. Everything he does is such a wonder to me. He will come up to me and give me a hug and say "I need you mommy.", let me tell you my heart just melts. I just love our times of sitting and cuddling and just reading books together. Mister does struggle with this as he never had a real father figure and is never sure were his place is this craziness. Hopefully he will realize his place is right here in the middle with me. People will see pictures of Munchkin on here all the time..after all he is my pride. LOL

I will hopefully talk about my job, my friends, and just do some venting. Hopefully I can make this thing work. So I just ask that people be patient and kind as I try and figure this blogging thing out...:)

My angel

May 23, 2003. That is a date in my life that has forever alter who I am and what I what I will be. This is the day that my little angel Christian Wayne was born. Though I was not destined to have him with me for but a brief moment, he presence is forever etched in my life. Because of him I have my wonderful little munchkin today. They would have been best buds, I am sure. I look back at pictures and know that they would have looked so much alike. I have said so much in the past, that if it were not for my little Christian, I would not have my munchkin now. It breaks a mom's heart knowing one loss has brought such a wonderful little gift to my life. My whole world is now the munchkin. It has always brought me such peace knowing that Christian watched over munchkin while they were together in Heaven, and made sure he got one last hug before coming to my arms. Munchkin has always seemed to know or feel Christian's presence. I have two stained glass pieces one with each of their names on it that a beloved uncle made for me. Munchkin will always reverently touch Christian's and say mine and then give himself a hug. We have Christian's ashes in a little music box that has never been wound, and yet every year on May 23, it will play at some point. Munchkin will now say, 'shhhh he is talking. '

For this reason, I am so greatful for the gospel, and that our family is truly forever. I am even more greatful for the days that the veil of this life is so thin that we can feel and "see" Christian.

My Testimony

I was raised Southern Baptist, and was a staunch Southern Baptist until I turn 25. Then a major event occurred in my life. My Mom's dad died. He was such an inspiration to me. I was never happy with the answer that the pastor gave me about dying and never having the same relationship with him ever again. I kept thinking surely God was not that mean. So I began my quest to find the answers to my desire of families being forever. I searched the Jewish faith, Catholic, Methodist, and so forth. Finally, I decided to check out these Mormons. I had a friend who was Mormon, and I really watched her a lot, and I was always impressed with her calmness and faith. So instead of asking her about it, I went to the Yellow Pages, I mean how hard could it be to get a hold of a church. Well, was hard. I called for weeks never could get an answer. Finally one day, I literally fell to my knees and cried. I knew I was done looking for the church. I promptly informed God he was going to have to bring the church to me, which ever one I was suppose to go, I was done. Would you believe about 3 hours later, I recieved a call from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, except they were looking for my brother (who by the way had not lived with me for 2 years). I said hey, I have been trying to get a hold of you guys. The guy on the other end was amazed I really was interested. I said of course I am. He said that if I had not accepted an invitation to have the missionaries come over, he was going to end his mission and go home. I was like, oh don't do that, he let me know that he was not going to do that now. About 2 weeks later, I started my discussions Elder Stewart started my discussions, his new companion was coming on the next discussion. I shared with him the above story. It was an amazing visit. The next week, I met his new companion, Elder Moe. Elder Stewart encouraged me to share my story with Elder Moe, he was smiling the entire time. We soon realized that Elder Moe was the Missionary I spoke wtih on the phone. I went on to have such a strong bond with my elders, I was baptized and the rest is history to speak. It was not until years later that I realized that the Elders were not supposed to teach a single sister, but they said the spirit was so strong, they petitioned the Mission President. I was baptized into the church on April 21, 1996. One year almost to the date my grandfather had died. I have never regreted my decision. The only thing I keep searching for is for Tequila, I know that someday I will find it in the Book of Mormon...Joking...