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Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is why I moved from Wyoming in the first place

Ok..I have now lived in Washington state for 8 1/2 years. The most snow I saw was about 4-6 inches while we lived in Lynnwood, and about 12 inches while living in Sultan. Never really bitter cold, and never ever a blizzard. That has all changed. This last week is like living back in Cheyenne, WY all over again..and I hate it. We have had a total of about 30 inches dumped on us since last week, and last night we were actually in a blizzard warning with sustained winds about 55mph and gust up to about 65-70mph. It was crazy. I am now literally snowed in my house due to drifts. So reason, I really do not think this is fair. For gosh sake we are the EVERGREEN STATE...not the PURELY WHITE STATE. If I hear one more time, Let it snow on the radio..I am going to throw it out in the snow bank.

On the other hand, munchkin has really enjoyed it when we have been able to get out in it. Though the piles are taller than him..LOL He hade fun helping us shovel the walk--we are the only ones in the neighborhood with snow wanted to know where we got them..Mister had to tell them that I have had them for years and brought them from Wyoming. Munchkin thought he was digging for treasure in the snow. :)

Kissa our puppy...absolutely in love with the snow..even though she disappears practically in it.

Hope everyone is warm and snug. Enjoy the pictures.

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