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Make your own Countdown Clocks

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hubby is Home

Well Mister got home a week ago, he has had a hard time adjusting back to our time. I did not realize all the changes I had placed into our home until he got home...OOOPS....:) I also did not realize how hard it is to adjust once a love one is do military families do it? Now, do not get me wrong, I missed him horribly, but let me tell you..husbands do drive wives crazy...LOL
Munchkin is doing great on potty training..he is pretty much down to pull ups only on long car trips and overnight. He is actually starting to come and tell me he has to "pee"...I am so proud of him.
I did not get the job I applied for, but I think that is a good thing. After the interview, I did not have a good feel about company or the other supervisor. The other thing is that there is a Case Manager position opening at the local hospital in the wound center, so I am thinking about trying for that I have always enjoyed wound care. Though with today's economy..I am wanting to make sure before I leave a good paying job...everyone can survive in a job they don't love anymore. :)
Munchkin is growing like a weed, and really looking forward to his grandparents coming up for the Halloween. He really enjoys trick or treating with Grandpa. :)
Mister and I have a lot to work to do with our marriage, I know together we will be okay. We just need to go back to the basics...and the great news is we both realize that.
Well, we will get on and I will keep you posted.

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