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Make your own Countdown Clocks

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Monday, September 22, 2008

6 weeks is a long time

Mister is going to be so surprised at how much his son has changed. Munchkin is making great strides on the potty training front. He is only having 1-2 accidents a day, usually toward evening when he is tired, but he is staying dry all day at school, and today for the first time came and got me to go potty. I am so proud of. Of course, since I am doing most of the training he is peeing like a girl, but it is nice that I don't the messy toilet thing to clean..LOL
He is talking so much better, clearer, and pronouncing words better than when Mister left to go to the Philippines in August. We are only about a week out now till Mister comes home, and he thinks that Munchkin will be the same, and he is not believing me about how much he has changed just in 6 weeks. LOL
I love my husband, but with him gone these weeks, it is making a huge difference on how I think this house should be run. Unfortunately, it won't be around him. I think that is going to be the biggest struggle for him. I know he will overcome, but it will be a struggle.
Munchkin, is getting excited to see his Daddy soon. Well better to get to bed, it was a really late night last night, as Munchkin was not feeling the best. I am exhausted.

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